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Mindfulness Box Love Potion Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roller – 10 mL


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Product Description

Mindfulness Box Love Potion Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roller – 10 mL A sensual blend of essential oils designed to bring LOVE, peace and compassion for yourself and others. Each therapeutic grade essential oil was thoughtfully chosen for its aromatherapeutic benefits - ylang yang, patchouli, orange, french lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, rose and organic cold pressed fractioned coconut oil. It has also been lovingly charged with rose and crystal quartz, which is inside your roller bottle. Directions-Apply to pulse points and/or heart chakra location (breast bone) and take a moment to breathe in the present moment. 

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5.0 4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Taylor T. - 06/08/2017

Long lasting, amazing scent!

I received this in my February 2016 Mindfulness Box and still have plenty left! The scent helps to relax me so what I've done is taken a blank index card, rolled a small amount in the center, folded it up, and placed it in a Ziploc/plastic bag. When I feel stressed I can have my aroma therapy on the go by opening the bag and taking out the folded up card (I've also done this to give to friends as well). You could take the roller with you but I've found that the oils are really ambitious and kind of seep down the sides sometimes after you roll it, so mine is a little greasy and I wouldn't want to put it in my bag as is. Plus, a little goes a LONG way. I also put this on my inner wrists and sides of my neck while meditating to help activate my senses, wearing a rose quartz pendant as well.

Christian D. - 11/06/2016

Daily lovin'

I wear this almost every day. It makes a huge difference in how I feel, and I honestly hope I never run out.

Julie W. - 04/06/2016

Love-Perfect description

This is my self love potion. Aromatherapy is such a healing technique and I am constantly using this to reduce stress in my life. Thank you mindfulness box for the wonderful love in a bottle!

Leela E. - 03/30/2016


This stuff is just the best! Sometimes I find essential oil based fragrances a little overpowering. But this one is exactly right. It is gentle and subtle enough to be worn anywhere, and it has enough staying power to remind me that I AM LOVED throughout the day. ❤️

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