It all started out as a dream to spread peace and positivity...our world needs it!

We are bursting with gratitude to share our life's work in harvesting mindfulness within ourselves and community!  We, too, get swept away by the everyday hustle and bustle, but much less so now by intentionally shifting our energy to recenter and live in the present moment.  Discovering mindfulness practice has truly changed our lives in so many ways! We all have the natural tendency for balance and seem to constantly search for an outlet. 

Recognizing the need during a retreat at Deer Park Monastery, Mindfulness Box was born to help with your path to a more peaceful and conscious life.  It is an honor to provide a powerfully positive moment each time a subscriber opens a Mindfulness Box. Planting the seeds of mindfulness within ourselves, our youth and all those around us is the greatest gift we can offer through our presence.  

As zen master Thich Nhat Hanh eloquently says, "Our own life has to be our message".

Many blessings to you all for walking in peace and love with us here at Mindfulness Box!

Present Moment. Beautiful Moment.

Mindfulness Box for all ages now available!

We are thrilled to offer a monthly subscription service for children ages 3-12 that teaches mindfulness, while promoting peace in themselves and the world around them. Each month is thoughtfully curated with hands-on activities, literature, meditations, a healthy snack and so much more to nurture your child's heart and mind!  Subscribe to Mindfulness Box KIDS today! 

People talking about Mindfulness Box

 As soon as I opened my beautifully crafted Mindfulness Box, I kid you not, I instantly felt happier, more at peace. Because I knew this was another positive step in my journey to be more mindful... 


 I've been hearing a lot about subscription boxes lately so I looked into a couple of them.  The one that really caught my attention was Mindfulness Box. Mindfulness is something I learned a few years ago and it was then that I really started to become a more positive person. This box was absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this box, it is worth every penny. 


 Came home from vacation to find my Mindfulness Box and I did a little happy dance.  If you are looking for a unique way to add to the experience of living a mindful and conscious life, please check out
this beautiful company. 

Vanessa P.