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Mindfulness Box Rooted Aromatherapy Mist – 30mL


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Product Description

Mindfulness Box Rooted Aromatherapy Mist – 30mL Calm, center and re-energize yourself with this aromatherapeutic blend of soothing lavender, energizing peppermint and refreshing sweet orange. This blend of 100% pure and organic essential oils are paired with gemstone chips of Red Jasper (grounding, stability and emotional balance), Hematite (calming, stabilizing and grounding) and Smoky Quartz (centering, grounding and to remove negativity). It is all tied together with moon charged distilled water.  May this mist be calming, grounding and support you in trusting the wisdom you hold within your own being.

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5.0 2 reviews

Customer Reviews

Christian D. - 11/06/2016

Instantly lowers stress: "It's like a mini-vacation."

I work in a high-stress treatment environment, and I gave this to my supervisor a few months back. She's used it with clients, coworkers, and herself, gently guiding them to take a deep breath for two sprays and let your mind wander. She says everyone has really great feedback, noting instantly lowered stress. And I'm happy to share I'll have to buy several bottles of this soon!

Julie W. - 04/05/2016

meditation must have!

Before my daily meditation, I spray this generously around my room. It brings a new calming to my meditation practice! It smells wonderful!

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